Workforce Development

Please Note: Due to circumstances related to COVID-19, SORA’s workforce development program is on pause. We anticipate resuming it in 2022. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What are job shadowing and informational interviews?

Job shadowing is a highly effective, low-cost tool to enhance career and leadership development. One employee spends time with an employee in another role or agency to observe and gain first-hand experience of their job.

Informational interviews provide an opportunity to learn about the employee’s role and gain valuable insight into skills essential to career development.

What are the benefits? 

Besides opportunities to learn about new data systems, different methodologies, or interesting projects, job shadowing and informational interviews may lead to formal cross-agency collaboration.

How much time will this take?

A typical job shadow can last 1-2 hours, while an informational interview typically lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. The time commitment is completely up to you.

Get Involved as a Host

If you’re willing to host someone for a job shadow or participate in informational interviews, fill out the SORA Workforce Development Programs Survey.

To get an  idea of what we publicize, download the most up-to-date Host DirectoryThis directory lists what projects, agency programs, data and software are available from hosts, along with additional skills. Please note, we do not provide contact information of hosts; only job title, classification and the above listed skills.

If you want to be a host, simply fill out the  SORA Workforce Development Programs Survey.

Your information will be added to SORA’s directory of job shadow hosts/informational interviewers – depending on what you specify.

Get Involved as a Participant

If you want to do a job shadow or informational interview review the Host Directory and identify up to three hosts you are interested in. All hosts are numbered in the directory (ex: 110, 111, 112 etc).

Fill out the SORA Workforce Development Programs Survey . You may also email the list of up to three hosts (identified by numbers) to Alethia Miller, SORA Workforce Development Coordinator.

In several days, an e-mail will connect you to the host(s) you selected. The email will specify whether you are interested in an informational interview or job shadow opportunity.