Executive Committee

Hannah Osinga – Chair

Hannah is a Senior Research Analyst at SAIF Corporation. She prepares company performance measure reports, supports the self-service business intelligence tool, and researches workers compensation outcomes as well as its related insurance market. She also spent four years at the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services doing analysis on workers compensation and forecasting financial regulation data. In college, Hannah majored in business and economics. She then earned a graduate degree in economics, with a specialization in public economic policy, from the University of Amsterdam.

Kim Toews - Vice Chair

Kim is an Administrative Support Specialist in the Administrative Hearings Division at the Public Utility Commission. Kim is a results-driven, multifaceted, performance-focused professional with over 20 years of comprehensive experience in the regulatory industry. Kim is a veteran of the United States Air Force with a Certification in Inventory Management.

Tasha Chapman - Communications Coordinator

Tasha is a Research Analyst in the Central Services Division at the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, serving as lead analyst in support of Oregon OSHA and the Workers Compensation System. She has been an employee of the State of Oregon since 2005, and has previously worked with the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Human Services. She received a Master’s degree from the University of California, Riverside in personality psychology research, with an emphasis on personality assessment and psychometrics.

Allen C. Molina - Volunteer Coordinator

Allen C. Molina is the Senior Economist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Allen’s research interests include natural resource economics, specifically non-market valuation of natural resources. Allen oversees many projects in his role, including license revenue projections, fiscal impacts, price elasticity modeling and human dimension surveys. Research integrity, reliability and validity are core tenants of Allen’s philosophy on data analysis, and he hopes to share this philosophy with others researchers in the state.

Born in San Francisco California, Allen received his bachelor’s degree in Physics from San Francisco State University, and both his master’s degree in resource and applied economics and his PhD in Natural Resources and Sustainability from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Alethia Miller - Workforce Development Coordinator

Alethia is a legislative analyst at the Legislative Policy and Research Office (LPRO) with the Oregon state legislature. Her work requires administering the House and Senate committees, while providing policy analysis on proposed legislation. She also performs non-partisan quantitative and qualitative research for legislators and staff. Alethia previously worked for the Higher Education Coordinating Commission as an operations and policy analyst, while providing legislative analysis, managing statewide programs, and doing program evaluation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in politics from Willamette University and a Master of Public Policy degree from Oregon State University.

Daniel McKay - Web Coordinator

Daniel is a Strategic Sourcing Manager at the Oregon Lottery and supports developing sourcing and market engagement strategies. Daniel specializes in performance and change management, and holds certifications in public performance measurement, project management, change management, data visualization, strategic sourcing and procurement. Daniel has experience in research methodology, experimental/survey design, and statistical analysis. Daniel holds a Masters’ in International and Development Economics from the University of San Francisco and Bachelors’ degrees in Political Science and Economics from Portland State University.

Karen Howard

Karen is a Research Analyst in the Central Services Division of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) and has worked for the agency since 2002. Her primary area of expertise is with occupational injury and illness data, including Oregon worker’s compensation claims and workplace fatalities. Recently, she has also started supporting the forecasting and analysis activities for various divisions within the agency. Karen has led and participated in numerous analytical projects and studies related to occupational injuries and illnesses. In addition to informing agency policy decisions, her work is used by employers, workers, researchers, and others for accident prevention and education efforts. Karen attended George Fox University where she studied Business Administration and graduated with a degree in Management and Organizational Leadership.

Felicia Bechtoldt

Felicia is a projections economist at the Oregon Employment Department’s Workforce and Economic Research Division. She forecasts employment by industry and occupations for the state and sub-state areas. She writes articles about industries, occupations, demographic, employment and income trends. Felicia has a Bachelor of Science in International Economics and Management from Bocconi University and a Master’s degree in European and International Policies from Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Italy.

Jerry Curry

Jerry is a reference librarian at the Oregon State Library since 1998. He is the lead editor of the Library’s eClips news clippings product and specializes in research in/around legislative issues. In addition, he performs literature searches and provides research support to state employees. In a past life, he worked as an environmental chemist before changing careers and obtaining a Master’s in Library Science from the University of Tennessee. He also holds a B.S. in Environmental Health from Purdue University and an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Arkansas.

Nicole Ferguson

Nicole is the Senior HR Researcher in the Chief Human Resources Office at the Department of Administrative Services. In her role, Nicole pushes forward the People Analytics program in human resources for Oregon state government. This multi-phase program includes six targeted areas: disseminating evidence-based HR practices, facilitating advanced analytics in HR, evaluating HR-related programs and practices, conducting strategic, organizational research, facilitating People Analytics knowledge in HR Professionals, and encouraging transparency through research collaborations. Nicole holds a Master’s Degree in General/Experimental Psychology. Nicole’s time is joyfully spent with her baby, husband, and four dogs.