Past Events

Fall Data Visualization Event

  • Meet Tableau: Your Data, Only Hotter. 
    Presented by: Felicia Bechtoldt, Economist, Oregon Employment Department

    Data visualization is both an art and a science. Join me in exploring Tableau, a business intelligence software, that won the “2008 Best Business Intelligence solution” by Software and Information Industry Association, “Best Overall in Data Visualization” by the DM Review and “Best of 2005 for Data Analysis” by PC Magazine. Tableau is a great tool to visualize masses of multidimensional data, helping you identify trends and locate deviations that merit further analysis. I will demo how we – the Oregon Employment Department research staff – use Tableau in our research and data visualization purposes.

  • Creating Infographics Using Piktochart. 
    Presented by: Will Burchard, Usability Analyst, Oregon Employment Department

    Piktochart is a web-based program perfect for easily designing and creating professional-level infographics. The Oregon Employment Department uses Piktochart to help visualize large datasets and help customers focus in on the important stories. In the past, we’ve used Piktochart for displaying wage data, unemployment data, and minimum wage data. Piktochart can even be used to create a nice set of slides for a formal presentation. Best of all, it is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive!

  • Preparing content for infographic design service. 
    Presented by: Carlee Justis, Graphic Designer, Oregon Publishing & Distribution

    Information graphics or infographics can be complicated to produce. Within Oregon state government, agencies are reaching out to the Department of Administrative Services’ Publishing & Distribution office to help them turn their data into informative and professional infographics. Get valuable information on how to submit your content for design service, what kinds of information works well with data visualization, and how infographics can help reach your customers. Plus, find out about other solutions Publishing & Distribution offers that can help your program succeed.

  • Replicating Graphs with Excel Macros. 
    Presented by: Jan McCoy, PhD, Specialist, Research and Planning, Oregon Department of Education

    Oregon’s 197 school districts produce a wealth of data describing local conditions and outcomes. In support of district planning, the Oregon Department of Education produces a set of 28 graphs per district as PDFs. Using macros, a single initial graph can be replicated across all districts in less than 2 minutes. Learn this technique to simplify and improve your processes.

  • Building a Dashboard style report using Excel. 
    Presented by: Spencer Peacock, Market Analyst, Oregon DCBS, Division of Financial Regulation

    High level overview of the dashboard concept and some neat tips & tricks on how Excel can be used to create a versatile and visually clean report without the use of VBA/Macro's.

  • Visualizing Data and Patterns with Online Mapping Technology. 
    Presented by: Joshua Tanner, GIS Analyst / Web Administrator, Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office

    The web has become the primary medium by which we share and view data. Much of that data is associated with 'place' and can be difficult to visualize without the use of maps. Recent advancements in web based mapping tools have enabled State agencies to analyze, build, and share maps more easily to the public. This presentation focuses on the techniques, tools, and resources that are available to the State to visualize and share data with online maps!

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May 2016 Event.
January 28, 2016: State of Oregon Research Academy Poster Session

Event Program

Posters Presented:

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January 28, 2015: State of Oregon Research Academy Poster Session

Posters Presented:
  •  Procurement Data Access and Reporting Tool (DART), harnessing the power of automation and custom reporting. Daniel McKay, Department of Administrative Services
  • What Works? Exploring Sources of Variation in DHS Consumer Outcomes. Laurel Goode, Oregon Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority
  • Perinatal Data: Oregon PRAMS and PRAMS-2: A Stratified Random Sample (with Racial/Ethnic Oversampling) of Oregon Birthing Women. Kenneth D. Rosenberg, Oregon Health Authority
  • Behind the Scenes of the Unemployment Rate. Will Burchard, Oregon Employment Department
  • Over-identification of Students in Special Education by Race, Ethnicity and Disability. Blake Whitson, Department of Education
  • DHS|OHA Integrated Client Services Data Warehouse. Pete Bromley, Department of Human Services
  • Oregon High Poverty Hotspots. Suzanne Porter, Oregon Department of Human Services
  • Oregon Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Data. Karen Howard, Department of Consumer and Business Services
  • Communicating Survey Data to Lay Interpreters. Jan D. McCoy, Oregon Department of Education
  • Understanding High School Graduation Rates: A Cohort Look. Chelsea Clinton, Department of Education
  • The Development of a Collaborative Outcomes Framework for Oregon’s Regional STEM Hubs. Krissi M. Hewitt, Oregon Education Investment Board
  • Outer Joins and Where Clauses - Common Pitfalls in SQL. Tasha Chapman, Department of Human Services
September 17, 2014: