About Us

The State of Oregon Research Academy (SORA) was created to offer State of Oregon employees an opportunity to network, build connections for collaboration, and learn more about research, data, and statistics.

This is a broad and general goal, but necessarily so given researchers who work for the State of Oregon cover such a broad range of studies. This gives members the opportunity to network in new areas and to meet new people.

SORA hosts regular events dedicated to sharing research done by state workers. These events include formal presentations, poster sessions, and social gatherings. SORA is always looking for new ideas and topics!

Currently, SORA has more than 700 members, representing close to 20 agencies across the state. Members include research analysts, financial analysts, economists, database architects, information systems specialists, auditors, managers, legislative staff, and even entomologists!

Membership is free, so join us!

We hope to see you at the next SORA event!

Check out our updated bylaws –2019 SORA Final Bylaws